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STPP Reports

September, 2006
9/20/2006  Driven to Spend
Pumping Dollars out of Our Households and Communities

December, 2004
12/2/2004  Mean_Streets_2004
The Latest in STPP’s Series on Transportation Safety

April, 2004
4/14/2004  Aging Americans: Stranded Without Options
November, 2003
11/4/2003  Regional Visioning Projects: Interagency_Coordination
August, 2003
8/28/2003  Measuring The Health Effects of Sprawl
A National Analysis of Physical Activity, Obesity, and Chronic Disease

8/19/2003  Clearing The Air
Public Health Threats from Cars and Heavy Duty Vehicles- Why We Need to Protect Federal Clean Air Laws

July, 2003
7/22/2003  Transportation Costs and the American Dreams
Why a Lack of Transportation Choices Strains the Family Budget and Hinders Home Ownership

April, 2003
4/22/2003  Second Nature
Improving Transportation Without Putting Nature Second

4/1/2003  American’s Attitudes Toward Walking and Creating Better Walking Communities
March, 2003
3/21/2003  Selected Projects Funded by ISTEA & TEA-21
3/10/2003  Stay The Course: How To Make Tea-21 Even Better
January, 2003
1/30/2003  The $300 Billion Question: Are We Buying a Better Transportation System?
November, 2002
11/21/2002  Mean Streets 2002
Pedestrian Safety, Health and Federal Transportation Spending

October, 2002
10/29/2002   Measuring Up: The Trend Toward Voter Approved Transportation Funding
June, 2002
6/4/2002  Transportation_Data_From_2000_Census
February, 2002
2/5/2002  The 2002 Summary of Safe_Routes_To_School
January, 2002
1/1/2002  Ten Years Of Progress
Building Better Communities Through Transportation

May, 2001
5/7/2001  Easing The Burden: A Companion Analysis of The Texas Transportation Institute’s 2001 Urban Mobility Study
September, 2000
9/20/2000  How To Get Involved In Transportation Research
A primer on support and funding for research initiatives.

June, 2000
6/15/2000  Mean Streets 2000
March, 2000
3/20/2000   Realizing GRTA’s Potential: Lessons From Around The Country
3/19/2000  Driven to Spend
The Impact of Sprawl on Household Transportation Expenses

3/16/2000  Interest Based Convening: Toward Participatory Decision Making in Transportation Investment
This paper examines the role of public involvement in transportation planning.

3/16/2000  Wooing Soccer Moms and Demonizing Welfare Mothers: A Legislative Context for Women’s Travel
Addresses the political climate surrounding women’s issues in transportation.

3/1/2000  Changing Direction
Federal Transportation Spending in the 1990′s

November, 1999
11/7/1999  Why Are Roads So Congested?
An Analysis of the Texas Transportation Institute’s Data on Metropolitan Congestion
September, 1999
9/23/1999  Road Work Ahead: Is Construction Worth the Wait?
May, 1999
5/6/1999  High Mileage Moms
April, 1999
4/1/1999  Agressive_Driving-Are_You_At_Risk
STPP ranks aggressive driving by metropolitan area and examines the causes.

August, 1998
8/1/1998  Tea-21 Users Guide
January, 1998
1/29/1998  Address by David Burwell—Making The Connection—Now!
1/1/1998  Dead End
Why the Mon-Fayette Expressway and the Southern Beltway Are Bad Choices for the Pittsburgh Region

November, 1997
11/1/1997  Transportation And The Livable City
An Address to the Boston 400

October, 1997
10/10/1997  Why We Need To Get Beyond The Automated Highway System
Hank Dittmar critiques the Automated Highway System.

June, 1997
6/19/1997  The Impacts of Transportation Investment on Equity and Land Use: A longitudinal Analysis of Three American Metropolitan Areas
Annotated Bibliography (by Topic)

April, 1996
4/11/1996  Transportation, The ISTEA, and American Cities
from the STPP Monograph Series

4/10/1996  Transportation and the Changing Face of America
from the STPP Monograph Series

4/10/1996  Standing in the Cold: Mobility and the Mentally Challenged
from the STPP Monograph Series

September, 1995
9/17/1995  Is Rail Transit Right For Your Community? Asking the Right Questions; Measuring the Benefits
Asking the Right Questions;
Measuring the Benefits

October, 1994
10/1/1994  ISTEA Planners Workbook
May, 1991
5/1/1991   STPP: Acting in the National Interest 1991