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Mean Streets 2000 - Acknowledgements

Mean Streets 2000 was written by Barbara McCann and Bianca DeLille.† The data extraction, research design and data analysis for this report was conducted by Michelle Garland.† Ideas as well as editorial and analytical assistance were provided by Roy Kienitz, Reid Ewing, James Corless, Don Chen and Michelle Garland.

Brooke Courtney generated health statistics for the CDC's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, and provided guidance in how to best use these data.† FARS data conversion was performed by Mary Dunbar of Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc.

We would like to especially thank William Dietz, Rich Killingsworth, and other staff members of the Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity of† the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for their assistance with our health research.† Many other people with expertise in transportation issues provided valuable insight and information for this report, including: Richard Schieber, Sally Flocks, Larry Frank, John Kaehny, John Pucher, Jan Metzger, Michael King, Ellen Vanderslice, and Bill Wilkinson.† Photographs and graphics were provided by Dan Burden, Sam Passmore, and Steve Price.† Dan Burden kindly supplied the cover photograph.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter One - America's Dangerous Streets

Chapter Two - The Dangers of Walking Less

Chapter Three - The Neglect of Pedestrian Safety

Chapter Four - Solutions for Safer Streets





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Spanish Version - Calles Crueles 2000 - Apuye Aqui

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