One Rail Coalition


OneRail is a coalition of freight, passenger, transit, environmental and labor groups, OneRail advocates the following policies to strengthen our nation’s rail system:

Expanded intercity and commuter passenger train options, in order to substantially reduce vehicle miles traveled, aviation and highway congestion, fuel consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions;

  • A balanced transportation policy that addresses a critical missing link in our nation’s surface transportation policy: rail. To ensure that both freight and passenger service is maximized in high-density corridors, public policy should envision separate rights-of-way for freight and passenger operations when necessary;20512219_m
  • Secure an ongoing, dedicated funding source for intercity passenger rail expansion, including federal-state partnerships and cost-sharing agreements similar to those that built the nation’s federal-aid highways and transit systems; and
  • Expanded freight rail capacity to meet projected economic demand. While private investment in the nation’s freight rail network has been, and will remain the primary means of maintaining and expanding freight rail infrastructure, public policy must facilitate, not frustrate this investment

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Anne Canby – Executive Director
Phone: 202-466-2641

OneRail Coalition
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