NPS Transportation Project

900x440_sun-road_60sThe STPP has a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service to support NPS efforts to deliver its Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP). The NPS desires to implement a multi-modal approach to transportation, and to closely coordinate and cooperate with State and local governments and other Federal land management agencies.

The project objectives include,

To collaborate with the NPS FLTP in the planning of traffic safety activities, best-practices in asset management, and other management systems;

  • To support the NPS FLTP in developing a program involving cooperative efforts in national planning, design, and implementation of programs related to transportation policy, authorization and implementation of transportation laws, and expanding opportunities for multi-modal transportation within and connecting to national parks;
  • To provide NPS FLTP with information related to national transportation policy and trends, including guidance on coordinating transportation policy and planning processes with other agencies, including public involvement and outreach; and
  • To provide NPS FLTP with guidance on the development and implementation of education and training efforts such as program management handbooks and web-based communications and training.

The STPP/NPS Transportation Project Director is Bill Wilkinson. Visit the NPS FLTP Transportation Program web site here.