Equity and Livability

Promotion of Social Equity and Livable Communities

Transportation and Social Equity Factsheet
4/24/1996 Transportation and Social Equity  Our transportation decisions systematically undermine the basic rights of one-third of all Americans who are too young, old, poor, or infirm to drive.
Transportation and Housing Factsheet
4/1/2003 Transportation and Housing Fact Sheet. Transportation and housing are the two largest household expenses.
Transportation and Poverty Alleviation Factsheet
11/21/2002 Transportation and Poverty Alleviation. The transportation system should alleviate poverty and support wealth creation. Poor people and low income communities should have reliable and affordable access to good jobs, education and job training, affordable housing, childcare and other services and opportunities throughout metropolitan areas.
Driven To Spend (2000)
3/19/2000  Driven to Spend-2000 This STPP report investigates the impact of sprawl on household transportation expenses across the country.
The Nation’s Road Capacity: How Fast Is It Growing?
4/30/2002   Decoder: The Nation’s Road Capacity Proponents of highway capacity expansion often claim that road building is lagging far behind.  The statistic they use to sup­port this argument is that lane miles of roadways have grown by only two percent since 1990.  But once we ‘decode’ this figure, it is clear that this is an inac­curate way to assess the capacity of our surface transportation infrastruc­ture.
Easing The Burden
5/7/2001   Easing The Burden: A companion analysis of the Texas Transportation Institute’s 2001 urban mobility study
Transportation and Economic Prosperity Factsheet
4/22/1999   Transportation and Economic Prosperity: Livable communities attract highly qualified, mobile workers – and the converse is also true: unlivable, difficult commutes keep good workers away.
Why Are The Roads So Congested?
11/7/1999 Why Are The Roads So Congested? : An analysis of the Texas Transportation Institute’s data on metropolitan congestion.
Road Work Ahead: Is Construction Worth The Wait?
9/23/1999   Road Work Ahead: The United States is experiencing a boom in road construction. But ironically, the construction projects themselves can create significant congestion and delay.
High Mileage Moms (1999)
5/6/1999   HIgh Mileage Moms: For mothers, time behind the wheel is on the rise, forcing other activities—from playing with children to getting a good night’s sleep—to take a back seat to chauffeuring and running errands. 
Aggressive Driving: Are You At Risk?
4/22/1999 Aggressive Driving: Are You At Risk. STPP wanted to have a better understanding of where aggressive driving is occurring and why.