STPP Reports Archive

STPP Reports

September, 2006
9/20/2006  Driven to Spend
Pumping Dollars out of Our Households and Communities

December, 2004
12/2/2004  Mean_Streets_2004
The Latest in STPP’s Series on Transportation Safety

April, 2004
4/14/2004  Aging Americans: Stranded Without Options
November, 2003
11/4/2003  Regional Visioning Projects: Interagency_Coordination
August, 2003
8/28/2003  Measuring The Health Effects of Sprawl
A National Analysis of Physical Activity, Obesity, and Chronic Disease

8/19/2003  Clearing The Air
Public Health Threats from Cars and Heavy Duty Vehicles- Why We Need to Protect Federal Clean Air Laws

July, 2003
7/22/2003  Transportation Costs and the American Dreams
Why a Lack of Transportation Choices Strains the Family Budget and Hinders Home Ownership

April, 2003
4/22/2003  Second Nature
Improving Transportation Without Putting Nature Second

4/1/2003  American’s Attitudes Toward Walking and Creating Better Walking Communities
March, 2003
3/21/2003  Selected Projects Funded by ISTEA & TEA-21
3/10/2003  Stay The Course: How To Make Tea-21 Even Better
January, 2003
1/30/2003  The $300 Billion Question: Are We Buying a Better Transportation System?
November, 2002
11/21/2002  Mean Streets 2002
Pedestrian Safety, Health and Federal Transportation Spending

October, 2002
10/29/2002   Measuring Up: The Trend Toward Voter Approved Transportation Funding
June, 2002
6/4/2002  Transportation_Data_From_2000_Census
February, 2002
2/5/2002  The 2002 Summary of Safe_Routes_To_School
January, 2002
1/1/2002  Ten Years Of Progress
Building Better Communities Through Transportation

May, 2001
5/7/2001  Easing The Burden: A Companion Analysis of The Texas Transportation Institute’s 2001 Urban Mobility Study
September, 2000
9/20/2000  How To Get Involved In Transportation Research
A primer on support and funding for research initiatives.

June, 2000
6/15/2000  Mean Streets 2000
March, 2000
3/20/2000   Realizing GRTA’s Potential: Lessons From Around The Country
3/19/2000  Driven to Spend
The Impact of Sprawl on Household Transportation Expenses

3/16/2000  Interest Based Convening: Toward Participatory Decision Making in Transportation Investment
This paper examines the role of public involvement in transportation planning.

3/16/2000  Wooing Soccer Moms and Demonizing Welfare Mothers: A Legislative Context for Women’s Travel
Addresses the political climate surrounding women’s issues in transportation.

3/1/2000  Changing Direction
Federal Transportation Spending in the 1990’s

November, 1999
11/7/1999  Why Are Roads So Congested?
An Analysis of the Texas Transportation Institute’s Data on Metropolitan Congestion
September, 1999
9/23/1999  Road Work Ahead: Is Construction Worth the Wait?
May, 1999
5/6/1999  High Mileage Moms
April, 1999
4/1/1999  Agressive_Driving-Are_You_At_Risk
STPP ranks aggressive driving by metropolitan area and examines the causes.

August, 1998
8/1/1998  Tea-21 Users Guide
January, 1998
1/29/1998  Address by David Burwell—Making The Connection—Now!
1/1/1998  Dead End
Why the Mon-Fayette Expressway and the Southern Beltway Are Bad Choices for the Pittsburgh Region

November, 1997
11/1/1997  Transportation And The Livable City
An Address to the Boston 400

October, 1997
10/10/1997  Why We Need To Get Beyond The Automated Highway System
Hank Dittmar critiques the Automated Highway System.

June, 1997
6/19/1997  The Impacts of Transportation Investment on Equity and Land Use: A longitudinal Analysis of Three American Metropolitan Areas
Annotated Bibliography (by Topic)

April, 1996
4/11/1996  Transportation, The ISTEA, and American Cities
from the STPP Monograph Series

4/10/1996  Transportation and the Changing Face of America
from the STPP Monograph Series

4/10/1996  Standing in the Cold: Mobility and the Mentally Challenged
from the STPP Monograph Series

September, 1995
9/17/1995  Is Rail Transit Right For Your Community? Asking the Right Questions; Measuring the Benefits
Asking the Right Questions;
Measuring the Benefits

October, 1994
10/1/1994  ISTEA Planners Workbook
May, 1991
5/1/1991   STPP: Acting in the National Interest 1991

STPP Legacy Archives

The original STPP pages gathered a good deal of useful information that still pertains to today’s transportation and livability issues. In the following four sections you’ll find reports, links to resources, and news items divided into STPP’s original four issue areas: Health & Safety, Equity & Livability, Economic Prosperity, and the Environment.