Health and Safety

Surface Transportation Policy Project Archives

Transportation and Health Factsheet
4/24/1996  Transportation and Health The transportation system in communities affects health and safety, often engineering out opportunities for physical activity while increasing exposure to hazardous high-speed traffic and automobile pollution…
Pedestrian Poll
4/1/2003  Pedestrian Poll 2002 A new national survey on attitudes toward walking finds that the American public wants to walk more places more often, and is willing to invest in making it possible.
Mean Streets (2002)
11/21/2002  Mean Streets 2002 STPP’s “Mean Streets 2002” report is the latest study in a series that looks at the perils facing pedestrians, why where you live matters, and how states aren’t spending enough to fix the problem.
 Summary of Safe Routes To School Programs (2002)
11/4/2003  Safe Routes To School A summary of SRTS programs across the United States, including listings of programs in California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Washington.
Enhanced Public Health, Safety and Security
8/28/2001  Issue Areas: Enhanced Public Health, Safety, and Security areas related to Public Health, Safety, and Security, from Ten Years of Progress. Examples from across the United States, including California, Delaware, DC, Montana, Michigan, and other states.
Decoding Transportation Policy & Practice
1/30/2003  Decoding Transportation Policy & Practice, reducing deaths and injuries through safer streets. Despite the gains that have been made in traffic safety programs in the U.S., traffic crashes are still the leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of 4 and 33.
Aggressive Driving: Are You At Risk?
4/22/1999  Aggressive Driving: Are You At Risk. STPP wanted to have a better understanding of where aggressive driving is occurring and why.