Economic Prosperity

Sustained Economic Prosperity

Transportation and Economic Prosperity Factsheet
4/24/1996  Transportation and Economic Prosperity – Factsheet—Communities attract highly qualified, mobile workers – and the converse is also true: unlivable, difficult commutes keep good workers away.
Transportation and Housing Factsheet
4/1/2003   Transportation And Jobs – Factsheet—Transportation policy has a strong, positive relationship with job creation and access. The transportation system should support job creation and grant all people access to good jobs.
Driven To Spend
3/19/2000  Driven to Spend. Transportation is a big expense for America’s families, and it is getting bigger. This study finds that a major factor driving up transportation costs is sprawling development.
The $300 Billion Question: Are We Buying a Better Transportation System?
1/30/2003 The $300 Billion Question Financial analysis finds that investments of just over $300 billion in the 90s under federal transportation programs helped improve the Interstate highway system, rehabilitate the nation’s bridges, enhance traffic safety, and more.
Measuring Up: The Trend Toward Voter Approved Transportation Funding
10/29/2002   Measuring Up: The Trend Towards Voter Approved Transportation Funding—The Nation’s Road Capacity Voters across the country are increasingly being asked to approve new funding measures for transportation at the polls. This emerging trend marks a significant shift in the traditional method of financing transportation projects and programs – away from
legislatively-approved user fees and towards voter-approved general revenue taxes.

The Transportation Funding Loophole
9/19/2002   The Transportation Funding Loophole—A  How states underfund Federal transportation programs.
The State of Our Nation’s Roads
1/30/2003   Road_Condition_DecoderReform of federal transportation financing has led to an improvement in the condition of the nation’s roadways, though the nation’s street and road networks could have improved even more had a stronger emphasis been placed on repair and rehabilitation.
The Federal Bridge Program: How States Underfund Bridge Safety
1/30/2003   Decoder: The Federal Bridge Program—The bridge program provides federal assistance to repair or replace aging bridge infrastructure. Even Bridge repair remains a low priority in many states, and billions of dollars in bridge program funding has been diverted to other uses.
TEA-21 & RABA: Why Is There Less Money?
9/23/1999   Tea-21 and the Revenue Aligned Budget Authority (RABA)—The 2003 highway program budget under the Bush Administration received $9 billion less than in the 2002 budget. State Highway Departments and other transportation leaders were aghast at this level of reduction.he United States is experiencing a boom in road construction. But ironically, the construction projects themselves can create significant congestion and delay.
Changing Direction
3/1/2000   Changing Direction—Transportation is changing in the United States. As highways fill beyond capacity, forward-looking transportation officials have started to invest in a diversified transportation system that gives residents options beyond driving.